As well our chefs creating exciting, innovative and fresh food, we also pride ourselves on creating menus which are ethical, sustainable and support local businesses. As a result, we have received numerous accreditations which demonstrate our commitment to delivering food which is sustainable, as well as delicious.

We have  been awarded a one star sustainability rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). This award recognises our commitment to implementing effective policies with regards to sourcing, environment and society. The SRA praised our steps to reduce waste and emissions and our dedication to using ethical and locally sourced produce in our kitchens.

We are signees of Wrap's Hospitality and Food Service 
Agreement, aimed at helping businesses recycle more and waste less. Working with Wrap, we have implemented numerous policies to increase the amount of packaging being recycled, composted or sent to anaerobic digestion, as well as minimising unavoidable waste and emissions.


We only use free range shell chicken eggs in our kitchens. We believe this is a vital part of our commitment as a sustainable and ethical caterer. As a result of this policy we have been awarded the Good Egg Award.

We are proud to only serve triple certified coffee - approved by the Fairtrade Foundation, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Food Federation.

We are also delighted to have all our bottled water supplied by Belu; the UK's first carbon neutral bottled water company who donate all of their profits to WaterAid. More information can be found here.